BGFest XVIII Programs International Academy


The Boston GuitarFest’s online International Academy program is designed for young musicians (ages 15-30) living in time zones outside of the USA. Classes and Individual lessons are scheduled to enable students living in Asia or Europe to participate in select BGFest events live, in real time. BGFest events occurring in Boston at times inconvenient for these students are recorded and saved online, remaining accessible to international BGFest students until August 1st, 2023. 

You’re only eligible to sign up in this program if you are resided in a time-zone that’s difficult to attend our events live. 

The Boston GuitarFest 2023: Private Lesson and performance class time are in 1-4 PM CEST and 7-10 PM CST, from June 28th to July 1st, 2023.

International Academy participants receive:
  • Two private lessons (or one private lesson and one academy master class); with our BGFest XVIII International Academy faculty at your preference*: Cecilio Perera, Kostas Tosidis, Danilo Cabaluz, Antigoni Baxe
  • Performance classes offered each day, with multiple performance opportunities and live comments from festival directors Eliot Fisk & Zaira Meneses
  • Live Chinese-English translation available for private lessons and performance classes;
  • Zoom access to all BGFest XVIII events, including masterclasses, concerts, conversations, and workshops;
  • Chance to audition for and perform in our academy master classes
  • Access to all event recordings online until August 1st, 2023

*We will do our best to accommodate participant faculty preferences.


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