BGFest XVII Programs Continuing Education


The Continuing Education program is designed for guitarists and music lovers age 20 and above.

This program is a low-stress, high-information event in a hybrid format. It brings an international group of participants together with eminent guitar teachers and artists from around the world.

Individual lessons are combined with classes pinpointing and solving technical problems. A variety of topics are explored during the workshops. 

BGFest XVII Continuing Education program includes:

  • Two private lessons with Continuing Education faculty: Bruce Holzman, Jerome Mouffe, Zaira Meneses, Adam Levin, Scott Borg, Lautaro Mantilla, and Jim Davidson
  • Digital and in person access to all events of BGFest XVII including concerts (including recordings of Academy workshops and all masterclasses)

BGFest XVII Continuing Education WORKSHOPS

The Chiaroscuro in Music

Participants in this workshop will explore the chiaroscuro in music: the spectrum from darkness into light on the guitar;  subtleties and variety of color, expressive possibilities of articulation and choice of key.

Molina Twins

Classical Guitarists

“The Light of Improvisation”

In this workshop, students will explore and develop their own unique musical identities proceeding from practical exercises.  Ear training is combined with hands- on work on the instrument to open new pathways for young musicians

Dr. Lautaro Mantilla

Composer / Guitarist

Guitar Technique

Have fun while learning essential tricks to improve technique. How to enjoy the entire process from daily practice to performance in any venue.

Zaira Meneses

Co - Director

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