BGFest XVII Programs Academy


The BGFest Academy program is designed for young guitarists (ages 15-30*) with a serious interest in the classical guitar. It includes private lessons, masterclasses, workshops, technique and performance classes, ensemble opportunities, as well as an optional competition and an opportunity to perform in the participant recital in Jordan Hall at the end of our festival. We’re delighted to be back to a primarily in-person format in 2022 and we hope that you will join us in Boston at BGFest 2022!

  • Younger participants may be admitted to the program by special request. Please contact for an audition.

BGFest XVII Academy Master Classes


BGFest 2020 offers master classes (live and Zoom) with international guest artists Meng Su, Oscar Ghiglia, and artistic director Eliot Fisk. All master classes will be recorded and saved for asynchronous viewing for a total of 30 days starting June 22nd. English / Chinese translation available from BGFest staff.

Participants who wish to perform in BGFest masterclasses must submit a 5 – 10 minute audition video after completing registration, before May 15th. 

BGFest XVII Academy Individual Lessons


BGFest XVII Academy participants receive a total of three individual lessons (or two individual lessons and one masterclass). BGFest XVII Academy faculty includeJérôme Mouffe, Bruce Holzman, Adam Levin, Zaira Meneses, Scott Borg, and Lautaro Mantilla.  

BGFest XVII Academy Competition for Performance




BGFest XVII Academy Workshops

“To the Next Level”

Discover the beauty of channeling your on stage adrenaline by embracing it as a source of personal empowerment.  Engage with and touch your audience through music.

Zaira Meneses

Co - Director

“Parasympathetic Performance”

This workshop will explore tools and techniques to create calm, focused, and expressive performances no matter how difficult the circumstances.

Dr. Jérôme Mouffe

Classical Guitarist

“Toward a Career in Music”

A real-life, no-nonsense approach to a sustainable career in music. What to expect, how to dream, and how to conquer.

Adam Levin

Executive Director

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