Our Mission

With the guitar as its starting point, the Eliot Fisk Guitar Academy (“EFGA”) presents cross-disciplinary musical events, offers educational training combining the best of past and present, and participates actively in social justice projects.

About EFGA

The famous Greek philosopher and student of Socrates, Plato, was among the first to use the word “academy".” For Plato, the academy was a place that instills virtue into the soul: a safe haven to educate and to instruct, as reflected in the numerous dialogues in Plato’s works in which Socrates enlightens, challenges, and elevates the aspirations of his students and even of those who disagree with him.

For virtuoso guitarist Eliot Fisk, “academy” has multiple and deeply personal echoes. As a boy growing up in Philadelphia, he attended numerous concerts of Eugene Ormandy’s fabulous Philadelphia Orchestra in the venerable old Academy of Music. Thus for him, an academy is not only an educational concept, but also signifies the practical realization of study and practice. The effort to take the universal message of art music out into the world and to impart its wisdom into the daily life of all interested persons.

The structure of the Eliot Fisk Guitar Academy reflects early experiences, the idealism of the 1960s, and the great romantic tradition personified by Eliot’s two most important mentors: the legendary Spanish guitarist, Andrés Segovia, and the groundbreaking American harpsichordist and musicologist, Ralph Kirkpatrick. As the last direct disciple of both, Eliot’s life work has been an attempt as performer and educator to combine the sacred principles of the great tradition with the best of modernity.

The Eliot Fisk Guitar Academy was founded in the darkest days of the Covid pandemic by Eliot, Zaira Meneses, and David Malvinni as a candle in the darkness. Since its inception EFGA has attracted the pure in heart from around the world, and welcomes all persons of good will to join in this noble endeavor.

EFGA was awarded 501©3 non-profit status in 2021. All contributions are tax deductible for the purposes of US Law.

EFGA is inspired by the work of the guitar virtuoso and master educator, Eliot Fisk.