Stephan Connor

Resident Luthier

"I love my work and as a result, I create one-of-a-kind, inspired instruments which allow the player to enjoy a beautiful musical experience and have ample projection for the concert hall.  Over the years I have been thrilled to have my guitars in the hands of many extraordinary Maestros & Maestras of this epoch; Eliot Fisk, Sergio and Odair Assad, Scott Tennant, Anabel Montesinos, Marco Tamayo, Angel Romero, Jose Maria Gallardo, David Tannenbaum and many more. (see artist page)

The Art & Craft of building for these virtuosos has been a fascinating journey.  I personally select the finest tonewoods from around the globe to bring out the best voice and beauty in each guitar. Most recently, I have acquired some legendary “Bullrun” cedar from the Robert Ruck Collection.

"I have many years of woods stockpiled, which I season in a particular way at my oasis of a workshop, and inspiring location, looking down at a pond by a historic windmill. You’re welcome to set up a time to visit."