Academy Schedule

Schedule subject to change.

Jordan Hall building, NEC=JH. St. Botolph building, NEC=SB. 


Monday, June 26

11am–12pm    Check-in (Jordan Hall Lobby)

12–1pm           Group lunch (Keller Room, JH)

1–2pm             Welcome from faculty (Keller)

2–3pm             Opening Technique class with Jérôme Mouffe (JH 118)

3–6pm             Private lessons, ensemble rehearsal or practice (JH classrooms)

6:30–7:30pm   Group dinner

8pm                 Jazz Lab Concert (Brown Hall)



Tuesday, June 27

9–10am           Technique Workshop (JH 124)

10am–1pm      Private lessons/practice time(JH classrooms)

1–2pm             BREAK

2–2:50pm        Special Topics Rotating Class 1 (Keller)

3–3:50pm        Special Topics Rotating Class 2 (Keller)

4–6pm             Ensemble Rehearsal (JH classrooms)

6–7:30pm        BREAK

7:30pm            Concert: YGW Faculty Concert (Brown Hall, JH)


Wednesday, June 28

9–10am           Technique Workshop (JH 124)

10am–1pm      Eliot Fisk, Academy Master Class (JH 124)

1–2pm             BREAK

2–5pm             Private lessons/practice time (JH Classrooms)

5–6pm             GuitarFest Opening Reception (Keller)

6–7pm             Special Topics Rotating Class 3 (JH 124)

7–8pm             BREAK

8pm                 Concert: Celil Refik Kaya, Senio Diaz, and Matías Tozzola (Brown)


Thursday, June 29

9–10am           Technique Workshop (JH 124)

10am–1pm      Private lessons/practice time (JH Classrooms)

1–2pm             BREAK

2–4pm             Attend BGF Master Class: Bruce Holzman (Keller)

4–6pm             Ensemble Rehearsal (JH Classrooms)

6–8pm             BREAK

8pm                 Concert: Danilo Cabaluz and Zaira Meneses


Friday, June 30

9–10am           Technique Workshop (JH 118)

10am–1pm      Attend BGF Master Class: Rene Izquierdo (JH 124)

1–2pm             BREAK

2–4pm             MFA Tour (JH steps, 1:50)

4:30–6:30pm   Private lessons, ensemble rehearsal or practice (JH classrooms)

6:30–7:30pm   BREAK

7:30pm            Concert: Boston Guitar Orchestra (Jordan)

8:00pm            Concert: Rene Izquierdo and Eduardo Fernandez (Jordan)


Saturday, July 1

9–10am           Guided tour of the Luthiers Expo (Keller)

10am–1pm      BGF Flamenco workshop with Grisha Goryachev (JH 124)

1–2pm             BREAK

2–3pm             Practice (JH Classrooms)

3–4pm             Academy Competition 1st round (Pierce Hall, SB)

4–6pm             Lessons/practice (JH classrooms)

6–7pm             BREAK

8pm                 Concert: Eliot Fisk and Friends (Jordan)


Sunday July 2

9–11am           Practice time (JH Classrooms)

11am–12pm    Academy Competition Finals (Pierce, SB)

12–1pm           BREAK

1pm                 Ensemble Performances(Jordan)

2–5pm             Master class with Eduardo Fernandez (JH 124) OR remain to watch the YGW Concert until 3pm (Jordan)

5:30pm            Concert: Jérôme Mouffe and Grisha Goryachev (Jordan)

6:30                 Join BGF Closing Reception (Keller). Winner of Academy Competition announced